GMLP Organisation 

The Greater Manchester Learning Partnership was set up in Autumn 2015 following an extensive consultation period. The original impetus was the requirement for teaching schools to work together to develop the school-led system.

As the education landscape has developed, the full membership now includes all Greater Manchester multi-academy trust CEOs, local authority education leaders, national leaders of education, diocesan representatives, teaching school hubs and curriculum hubs with legacy teaching schools still part of the membership.

With effect from September 2022 the primary and secondary Heads of Conference in the ten GM boroughs will join the group.

The work of the partnership is guided by an Executive group. The full partnership meets every term and there is also a termly meeting for Trust CEOs, LA education leads and diocesan reps,

which is attended by the Regional Schools commissioner or her representative. Members also feed into local partnerships in each of the 10 Greater Manchester LA areas.

This website is intended to support the work of our members and to provide a contact point for schools and other organisations both locally and nationally who want to access information about our work or engage more directly in the various initiatives that are underway. It also provides a single point of contact for government agencies that want to liaise with schools in Greater Manchester.

Terms of Reference