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June 2021 Update 

GMLP Agenda 24.06.2021 

TSC National & Regional Priorities June 2021 PowerPoint

Bee Well PowerPoint 

East M:C Hub 

Teaching Hub ECT Introduction 

Teaching Hub ECT Introduction PowerPoint 

Bright Futures Teaching Schools PowerPoint 

GMLP English Hub June 2021 PowerPoint 

Maths Hub June 2021 PowerPoint 

Ofsted Update June 2021 

EEF & Research School Network PowerPoint June 2021

Star Teaching Hub PowerPoint June 2021

March 2021 Update 

EEF Update TSC March 2021 PowerPoint 

TSC National and Regional Priorities March 2021 PowerPoint 

February 2021 Update 

English Hub - Feb 2021 PowerPoint 

GMLP EEF Feb Briefing 

GMLP Proposal 2021-2022 PowerPoint

Maths Hub Update Feb 2021 PowerPoint

Mental Health Update 

NTP Tuition Partners 23.02.2021 PowerPoint 

OFSTED Update Feb 2021 

October 2020 Update 

GMLP English Hub October 2020 PowerPoint 

GMLP Maths Hub October 2020 PowerPoint 

GMLP OFSTED Visit October 2020

OFSTED Visit Questions October 2020

September 2020 Update 

TSC Update Sept 2020

Strategic Group Meeting Notes 17.09.2020

RSHE Heads PowerPoint Sept 2020 

Edtech: Helping schools and colleges with support for remote learning PowerPoint Sept 2020

EEF PowerPoint Sept 2020

Maths Hub PowerPoint Sept 2020 

GMLP OFSTED Update Sept 2020

GMLP Mental Health Update Sept 2020 

February 2020 Update

GMLP OFSTED Update Feb 2020

Strategic Group PowerPoint Feb 2020: Mental Health in Education 

Strategic Group PowerPoint 05.02.20

GMLP Agenda 22.05.2019

Strategic Group PowerPoint 08.10.19