Race Equality

The Greater Manchester Learning Partnership is working in partnership with the Greater Manchester Race Equality Panel to raise awareness of the challenges children experiencing racial inequalities face in education, and the opportunities school leaders, policymakers and communities can create by working together.

The Greater Manchester Race Equality Panel was established in 2020 by the Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham, to advise, support and challenge Greater Manchester’s political leaders and policy-makers to tackle the discrimination and disadvantage that cause injustice and inequality in society and champion Greater Manchester as an inclusive city-region.

The Race Equality Panel have developed a Race and Equality Charter for schools (link below) which has been adopted by schools across all ten boroughs, with the support of the Learning Partnership. Panel members have met with school leaders and Local Authority officers to explore approaches to race equality in the curriculum and policies, racism through a safeguarding lens, how to engage charitable organisations, and provided training for School Governors.

The collaboration continues and through the commitment of leaders across GM we are making sure that schools and education are at the forefront of racial equality. To look at our work so far, please click here.

For more information, please contact Margaret Woodhouse or Janice Allen.


Charter for Race Equality in Schools 

Dates for the Next Meeting

Wednesday 21 September 8.30-10.00  

  • Race and Equality – the picture across GM
  • Black History Month – why is it important and what do you need to know


Wednesday 16 November 8.30-10.00 

  • Working with communities
  • The Prevent strategy


Wednesday 18 January 8.30-10.00 

  • Embedding anti-racist policies in school and evaluating their effectiveness
  • Pathfinder schools across GM


Wednesday 15 March 8.30-10.00 

  • Piloting reviews in schools
  • Recording and reporting


Wednesday 23 May 8.30-10.00 

  • Feedback from reviews


Wednesday 24 June 8.30-10.30 

  • Next steps for the following year.